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Blundering Bulldogs Expel Their Class Clown For All The Wrong Reasons

Saturday November 10, 2007
HAS Willie Mason headbutted a woman during a drunken rampage? Blown the bag at an RBT? Been pulled over by the police in downtown Belmore and had his car searched while sitting in the back seat without a shirt on?

Charges After Negotiation

Wednesday January 3, 2007
POLICE were forced to negotiate with a Warilla man after he drove home from an RBT checkpoint at Barrack Heights on Monday night.

Driver Narrowly Misses Rbt Cop

Tuesday April 27, 2004
WOLLONGONG police have arrested a Woonona man who allegedly drove through a random breath test yesterday, narrowly missing a police officer who had to jump out of the way.

Pull Over Driver, It's The Tax Office Super Rbt

Sunday December 14, 2003
IMAGINE getting pulled over for a random breath test only to find that the person holding the breathalyser is from the Tax Office.

Drink Puts Most Of Us At Risk, So We Must Swallow Regulation

Friday December 12, 2003
As with RBT, governments can provide policies that are effective as well as popular, writes Tim Stockwell. IN REVEALING this week that his Government faces a $51 million fine for breaches of national competition policy breaches that include a failure to deregulate the liquor industry Bob Carr suggests that this federal policy was, in effect, encouraging alcoholism.

Driver Fled Rbt Before Car Crash, Court Told

Thursday November 20, 2003
A DRIVER whose car became airborne and rolled twice when it hit a roundabout at 90km/h was trying to avoid a random breath test, Wollongong Local Court heard yesterday.

Targeting The Hard Core

Tuesday December 17, 2002
No traffic code reform has done as much as random breath testing in cutting the NSW road toll by 60 per cent. Its success is measured in changed social attitude and statistical analysis. According to a survey last year, 80 per cent of Australians regard drink drivers as irresponsible, criminal or potential murderers, up from 65 per cent when RBT trials began 20 years ago today. The Roads and Traffic Authority says RBT has so changed behaviour that 4367 lives have been saved by its introduction. In 1981, dri

A Long And Bumpy Road To Rbt

Tuesday December 17, 2002
FEW legislative packages have changed social norms as much as random breath testing.

Rbt Watch On Drivers After Big Night Out

Saturday May 4, 2002
Early-morning RBT campaigns are being stepped up as police target day-after drink drivers and a generation that has become complacent to the dangers of driving under the influence.

These Are Testing Times

Saturday May 12, 2001
Every NSW police car is an RBT unit, yet drink-drivers still play Russian roulette. Peter McKay becomes a guinea pig with a personal, hand-held breathalyser.

Double It Up Surge In Drink-driving Offenders But No Extra Rbt Traps

Tuesday August 22, 2000
The number of people charged with drink driving has doubled in two years in many Sydney suburbs despite no increase in random breath testing. In the two years to 1999, the rate of drink-driving charges surged 116 per cent in Baulkham Hills and Blacktown, 105 per cent in Fairfield and Liverpool a

Police Coming To The Party

Friday December 24, 1999
POLICE are gearing up for one of the largest operations in the history of the Hunter on New Year's Eve. Plans were unveiled yesterday that will see all leave cancelled to ensure every available officer is on duty. Highway patrol vehicles will be out in force and random breath test (RBT) stat

Rbt? Breathe In, Please

Saturday September 25, 1999
Ralph the Rover came to an untimely and watery end, brought undone by his own dark deed, and the voyage of Ralph the Reviewer around the rocks of the Senate will need some nifty working of the sale. They're rubbery rocks, admittedly, and the good abbott Costello knows the waters. The build-up to

Man Charged Twice With Drink-driving

Saturday April 25, 1998
A driver was arrested by Nowra police yesterday and charged twice within two hours for driving with an excessive blood-alcohol level. Police said that at 12.15am the driver, 36, was stopped by a random breath test (RBT) team in Osborne St, Nowra. A check allegedly showed the motorist had .22 b

Road To Safety

Sunday January 3, 1993
THE controversial introduction of Random Breath Testing (RBT) in NSW 10 years ago saw its final justification last week, with news that the State road toll for 1992 closed at its lowest mark in 42 years. State Roads Minister Wal Murray confirmed that the toll for the year stood at 12 fewe

How Rbt Changed Our Lives

Saturday October 17, 1992
THE introduction of random breath testing in NSW a decade ago aroused a storm of protest which, to this day, seems extraordinary. A few weeks after Caucus approved RBT in November 1982 a man yelled out"you bloody wog |" when RBT proponent George Paciullo MP was introduced at the

Police Accused Of Drink-drive Inaction

Thursday March 5, 1992
Police and other road-safety authorities have become complacent about the problem of drink driving and in acting against the rising problem of drug driving, according to a report by State Parliament's Staysafe committee. In 10 years since the introduction of random breath testing (RBT), po

Major Rbt Campaign

Thursday November 21, 1991
Police will conduct a statewide random breath testing (RBT) operation, code-named Drink-Drive, from early tomorrow until midnight on Sunday. They expect to breath test between 30,000 and 50,000 motorists. A man used a sawn-off shotgun to rob a McDonald's restaurant at Thornleigh on

Drinking Drivers Cite War, Economy

Tuesday July 9, 1991
Was it the onset of recession, fear of the Gulf War or a mere statistical blip? Last November, for the first time since the introduction of random breath testing in NSW nearly 10 years ago, the percentage of fatal accidents involving alcohol rocketed above pre-RBT levels. In November

Walking Home From The Pub Is A Risk, Too

Thursday December 6, 1990
An unlikely road menace has emerged from a detailed study of eastern suburbs road casualties - the drinking walker. While RBT and seatbelt campaigns have cut the overall toll, many alcohol affected pedestrians are among the dead and injured. And road safety experts admit they don't k

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